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June 27 2022; I guess Colombia is officially a different kind of petro state, now that the left wing former mayor of Bogota and former guerilla member Petro has won the presidency. Most everyone is alert to what happens next. How will this play out ? A slight lurch to more socialism and betterment for environment and minorities or the begininning of a move to full Venezuela-Chavez-Maduro like loss of democracy and eventual standards of living. The price of unroasted in world and particularily in Colombia and Brazil has stayed very high, almost 2 and a half times as high as 13 months ago. So this is great for farmers although all their costs such as fertilizer and manpower and gasoline have gone up substantially as well. Eventually the dramatic effect of the frost that killed so many Brazils coffee plants will ease… but the cost of having unroasted coffee for Canadian roasters will continue to be held high by the logistic price surges facing all products these days (gas price being passed on by transporters, manpower, warehousing).